The 16pc Drill All Drill Bit Set 



 1x 3mm,1 x 3.5mm,1 x 4mm,1 x 4.5mm,1 x 5mm,1 x 5.5mm, 1 x 6mm,1 x 6.5mm,1 x 7mm,1 x 7.5mm,1 x 8mm,1 x 8.5mm, 1 x 9mm,1 x 9.5mm,1 x 10mm,1 x 12mm.


  • They can withstand high temperatures Negative tip gives precision.
  • Cobalt tipped - designed for maximum hardness and resistance to heat and wear. 
  • Special negative rake grinding enables the tip to bore through all materials with a filing action rather than a cutting action. 
  • This enables you to drill through brick, steel, stone, marble and many more products. 
  • The heat generated will not affect the tip because the high tech bonding allows the bit to withstand high drilling temperatures.
  • Comes neatly packaged in a convenient metal carry case to keep your drill bits organised, tidy and portable!
16pc Drill All Drill Bits Set 

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