The "Complete" Drill All Drill Bit Set 


                                      16pc Drill All Drill Bits Set - RRP £39.99

Hexagon shank 1 x 3mm,1 x 3.5mm,1 x 4mm,1 x 4.5mm,1 x 5mm,1 x 5.5mm,1 x 6mm,1 x 6.5mm,1 x 7mm,1 x 7.5mm,1 x 8mm,1 x 8.5mm,1 x 9mm,1 x 9.5mm,1 x 10mm,1 x 12mm

14pc Diamond Tipped Screwdriver Bits - RRP £19.99

1 x PH0,1 x PH1,2 x PH2,1 x PZ1,2 x PZ2,1 x PZ3,Slotted Screwdriver Bits 1 x 1,1 x 2,1 x 3 Hexagon Torque Bits 1 x T15,1 x T25,1 x T30

SDS Adaptor - RRP £12.99

Fits our Drill All Drill Bits on to Any SDS Drill

Screw Tube - RRP £12.99

Change drill or screwdriver bits without touching the chuck




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